Sunday, November 7, 2010

Carpe Diem

I love old stuff: antiques, philosophies, archaic techniques, traditions (especially culinary), grandparents, and photography. I have found the North Carolina State Archive's (whatever that is) flickr account. I spend a little time almost every day looking through these photos. I love looking into peoples faces and trying to make a connection with them. I wonder how different we are? Their lives were probably more difficult than mine in terms of labor and security, but do we face any of the same emotional struggles? Are we connected?

Here are some of my favorites:

You can see in this man's face the same sense of pride 
and freedom that his modern equivalent would possess. 
I have to admit that I wish that I were this man.

We have all seen this photo many times, but when you view the large size, 
the shovel and the tools, and the foot prints leading from the bench, you 
really appreciate the fact that these were real men with real lives.


Look at how crisp the details are. The depth of field is 
spectacular in this photo.

This is beautiful. The people who made this really cared 
about their store. How long would this last in Wal-mart?

Compair these ladies to modern bride's maids.

The days before OSHA. How many ways could you be killed at this job?

This is my favorite. I love everything about this photo. I wish I could live 
in this photo. How about that lighting?


  1. The PEP letters on that cereal box look so cool.

    And yes, I have you down for one of those books.

  2. Thanks, Bryce. Sorry for buggin you about it.