Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Waves

My friend and fellow USC alumni, Bryce Wilner, whose brilliance is greatly to be envied, made a book of illustrations inspired by his grandparent's beach house. I don't study much art and design, so for me to say that I have never seen anything like it isn't very profound. It's true, none the less.

Bryce wields geometry with a surprising expertise in his creation of these images in which perspective and saturation pull the viewer back and forth between the familiar and the abstract. The emotive subject matter of the work yields itself well to this abstraction. The intense sunlight can be interpreted as the warmth of the memories of the place and family gatherings, and, despite the crisp edges and planar surfaces, the furniture feels occupied and has an almost human quality.

Those are just my impressions, here are some samples from the book (sorry they aren't higher quality):

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Rutherford, Goupil, and I went out for a whole day of thrifting, one of my favorite activities. I admit that I prefer antique stores to thrift stores, but let's not get technical here, old junk is old junk.

Those white dots are baseballs. 
I named this, "Ameritar."

I'm too lazy to jump on the Polaroid bandwagon, but I think the 
relatively old ones are very cool.

(It's french.)

It is not significant that this rabbit's ear is broken, but that it is still for sale.

This is a pretty cool clock.

I hesitate to commit on this.


Hindu Santa?

The only thing that could make these better is if they were life-sized.

Flower juice anyone? This reminds me of my childhood.

I suspect that this was once a cookie jar lid.

I am always amazed by the selection of underwear at thrift stores. Seriously,
who is buying used underwear?

Flask? Shampoo bottle? Did this thing ever even have an animal head?

Salesman (teenager): It's an antique!
Me: Hmmm...

Fancy toilet paper holder.

If I were a rich man — I would have purchased this 
wonderful item from my second favorite movie.

What evil person sold this at the thrift store?

Yeah! Get Drunk!

How to make a normal plate awesome.

Don't tell me you missed this smash hit.

The sequel is just as good.

Crushed ice is a luxury. 

It's not a party until someone makes a yarn painting 
of our lord.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be.

Had to grab this gem for the new house ($3).

Ah, memories.

There's one in every thrift store.


What time is it? Time for a Benadryl.

ALL the way.

God did not intend this.

Erm... cough...

I wish I had bought this.

I don't know what this is, but it is not a cookie. Do not eat it.

The saddest Christmas ever.

This was actually at Walmart. If I ever encounter a man sitting in the 
woods wearing a Snuggie I would, out of a sense of obligation, be forced 
to kill him.

Sex music.

I bet it's going to be a while before someone named 
Mirella comes to the thrift store looking for a stocking.

The King lives.

The used trashcan section.

"Telly Savalas! Oh, wait. It's just Daddy Warbucks."

Nabbed this fine piece for our freshly painted studio (50 cents).

This didn't have a record in it, but if it had I assure you that I would have 
purchased it.

The lovely Sarah in a lovelier Native 
American sweater. All of those arrows 
swing freely. It's an experience.

Last, but not least, Jason looking fancy in his tuxedo 
jacket. Yes, he bought this (he has big plans).