Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Class

I had my first class tonight, a studio class. I didn't know what to expect. The whole semester will be devoted to working with a single client, The Cleveland Sight Center. We won't be designing a logo or a website or any sort of visual concept, we will be helping to institute a system with the function of attracting 25 organizations in North-East Ohio willing to employ people who are blind or visually impaired. Work that is unfamiliar territory and that will have a major impact on many people's lives. I am very intimidated, and that's not a casual statement (my first day and I am wondering if I am in over my head). I don't think I have much to bring to the table; but I will work hard and do what I think is right; so if I am not successful or popular at least I will be respected.

On a lighter note, the town of Kent is an awesome place with lots of trees. Too bad I can only enjoy them for a few more weeks. Also, today I had my first visit from back home!

Panther and Big Mac

This is the far end of campus. Yes, this corn field is on campus.

Nice little spot in the middle of town where I spent about five hours reading today.

A.k.a., The Slinky Book. Required reading for my 
studio class, just finished today (three more to go).

The Grapevine-LLama-Flower-Couch Center of Kent. 
Seriously, your guess is as good as mine.

Yes, Ben, Swenson's burgers are delicious. Thanks for the tip!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The First Couple of Days

I have been very busy. Besides the usual moving and "getting to know the campus" stuff, I have been finishing some work that I am doing for my friend Michael Cassidy's business, Cassidy Painting. It was a rush job; I completed the entire I.D. (logo, card, letterhead, envelope), a vehicle decal, a sign, mocked up some shirts and hats, AND I designed the website; all in five weeks. I have to say that I like the work and if I had another month I could have made it spectacular.

Next I have to take some lengthy online tests and read some books with no pictures to prepare for class (on Monday!).

Here are some samples of the work I've done for Mike. He does fine painting and is trying to attract clients who appreciate a detailed, quality job. Mike is a hard working, dedicated guy who does things the old fashioned way and I wanted that to come through in Cassidy Painting's branding.


Business Card


Vehicle Decal (Michael currently drives a black van.)

The Website Home

The Website Gallery (Still greeked in: the developer will handle that.)

Arrival At Kent

This is a little belated, as I actually arrived a couple of days ago, but i am a very busy fellow you know. The campus is very large and dotted with hilly fields filled with young people soaking up the fleeting warm weather. As I sat in my truck this afternoon, surveying the used car lots and local eateries, I felt like I was in West Columbia. I can already smell autumn in the air, though, it's going to get cold soon.

My room, to change (God willing) in a couple of weeks.

View 2

The Art Building

The Art Building View 2

Scenic downtown Kent (no parking meters).
Lurking behind a drive-in. I plan on stealing
this when I leave.

The Journey To Ohio

All my worldly possessions whittled down to a few duffle bags...

and packed onto my truck, ready to ride.

Goodbye Alcolu, S.C..

A few shots while leaving S.C.. That Pepsi cap is probably five feet tall.

I made a stop in N.C. to see my family. Thats my cousin and my grandmother (taken under protest).

No more road shots after North Carolina. I had a schedule to keep and travel through the mountains (85% of my trip) required my full attention. West Virginia is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I'm lucky that I didn't have a reason to stop there, as I'm certain that I wouldn't have started back again.

Hopefully I will get better at editing my blog entries. Why is all web design so counter intuitive?