Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mr. Bunky's

Over break I tried to visit as many of my favorite eating establishments as I could. One day I decided to get my favorite cheeseburger in South Carolina and I made the 30 minute trek to Mr. Bunky's on 378. I went for the burger, but I got so much more. This restaurant/country store sells one of everything. I was trying to be discret as I took pictures, so some of these are pretty shaky (it didn't work, I still got called out).

Some Items that are available for purchase at Mr. Bunky's include, but are not limited to:



Alice Becker's name placard.

An Americlock.

Cat Flaps.

Things no one wanted when grandma died.

Frog people.

Feed made for these animals, or from these animals?
Who knows.

Toys your kid never asked for.

Used night gowns.

Exotic jewelry (mostly made from sea shells).

Safety equipment made in the 70's.

A mask with prison tats.

Metal stock and roofing tar.

Monogrammed key rings.

Vintage hair "trimmer." Looks painful.

Hats for baby pageants?

Stuffed pheasants.

Pimp couches.

PVC pipes.

Pokemon tins.

A Raggedy Ann tapestry.

Cultural saddle blankets.

A statue of a bum hitting a roach.


A Christmas skeleton.

An over the top sock monkey.



Susan Cade's name placard.

Mildly broken desks.


Tiger print adress books.

Toilet paper cozies.

Unicorn bookends (real brass). Only $15?!

VHS cameras.

A wall o' chairs.

A nearly complete set of Looney Tunes mugs (sans Sylvester and Pepe).

A 5 foot tall wicker basket.

Delicious, giant cheeseburgers.

"Fashion bandanas," more commonly called do-rags.

Tools and socks.

Signs and orange juice.

Pipe fittings and canned biscuits (welcome to the south).

Things I secretly want to own.


Timely halloween decorations.

Taters and fishing equipement.

A brand of BBQ sauce that has 
been boycotted across the state.

Unrecognizable NASCAR paraphernalia.

Souse (similar to head cheese).
Liver pudding (pork liver processed with rice).

Pan pudding (I have no idea, don't eat it).
Pans of bloody meat.

Haute couture.

Old jerky that everyone else has touched.


Fencing tools.

Clip art (at least the snake has something to eat).

Goat dewormer (I asked for unmedicated, but they didn't have any) and
toilet brushes (because killing intestinal parasites in your goat can get
very messy).

Panty hose.

Dog bones.

Chicken farming accessories.

"Souvenir bags" (stuffed with newspaper for 
only $2 more).

Things they hope Ralph Lauren doesn't find out about.

Drunken frogs (for your fancy dinner parties).

Things Sarah Rutherford owns entire sets of.

Sea shell wreaths.

Blossom Babies.

Sailboat lamps.


Monogrammed hair bows.

More monogrammed key rings.

Mr. Bunky's motto: "If you can 
monogram it, I can sell it."
"Camo baby clothes."

Repurposed autumn decorations.

Gently used boots.

A wolf family.

Subtle mailboxes.

A giant, decorative floor fan.


A barber's chair.

A functioning bear trap (no kidding). Before Mr. Bunky talked to his
lawyer, this used to be in the middle of the floor, but now it's securely
roped off with a piece of yellow tape.

Wagon wheels.

More unrecognizable NASCAR paraphernalia.

A puppy-teddy bear-christmas apron.