Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Wash Tub

The only laundromat that recommends boiling your clothes for at least thirty seconds after using their machines.

I went with G-force to do some laundry and the only place we could find that was open past eleven was two towns over. This is the laundromat that time forgot. Ghetto falls so far short of describing this establishment that I had to make up a whole new word: ghettopolis. The Wash Tub is a ghettopolis of dusty, outdated, wood grain and cream colored antiques that haven't been touched in decades, let alone moved. That this place could have existed unchanged for so long is amazing and as soon as I saw it I knew that I must share it with the world. Allow me to ease your valid concerns by assuring you that I did not wash any clothes here.

It was night when we went, so this is from Google. Those letters are 
plywood cutouts.

This s¡gn was in no way created with the intention of being fun or ironic.

I pushed on it.

A detail of the dryer. Many a quarter has passed through that slot.
Type hierarchy

This fan only has two blades. I dont think it was made 
that way.

"I'll have a margarita, hold the OxiClean."
A detail of that lovely lady at the laundry bar.

The first microwave. Apparently Litton made stuff other than typewriters.

What I have learned from this sign: Cigarettes are ok; children do not have 
to be attended, just controlled; and I may wash my greasy work clothes 
anywhere I like.

"NO TIME," really needs some punctuation to tie it in with one of those 
other lines.

Nice narrow columns really help the text flow.

I wouldn't leave my clothes in this place for five minutes.

In case you want to know the general location of local businesses in 1995.

Or 1998.

They just dont make wood grain and chrome vending 
machines for laundry detergent anymore.

Note the Coke products being displayed in this 
Pepsi machine.

This image doesn't really show the 
density of the dust on these plugs. 
They clearly have not been disturbed 
in years.
At least they were considerate enough to put some 
entertainment in this tiny place.

Or maybe Shinobi with a burnt up screen is more your style.
There is always this thrilling and current game.

I'm sorry, but I find your laundromat too depressing to smile.

Those labels would most definitely be cut out from Little Debbie boxes.

Items of interest in this photo: an old TV with functioning rabbit ears; 
a hole in the drywall with loose wires running to the TV; and the beautiful 
tie-dye border running throughout The Wash Tub (what a good choice).

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