Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Stuff

The final stops were at the Arcade and some vintage stores. The arcade is a french style building from the turn of the century and it's a mark of professionalism that my tour guide knew that the building was in danger of being demolished when it was discovered that the ceiling was tiffany glass and the paint was removed from the solid brass railings. It was purchased by Hilton and now contains guest rooms and shops. In a word: fancy.

The vintage store had small rooms arranged with similarly styled furniture and accessories and I would have spent a thousand dollars in the toy store if I had it to spend.

Sorry about the hand shake on some of the photos, but I was moving pretty fast and I took over 200 photos during the day.

Great sign on the vintage toy store.

This strip ran the entire wall and it was all laminated 

G. I. Joe 1. These guys cost about three dollars in the 80s and Snake Eyes 
is going to $40 now.

Masters of the Universe, all bad guys (with good guy vehicles).

Good guys (with bad guy vehicles). I had all of these.

Is that Will Ferrel?

Remember these? I had to grab a couple for the studio.

About a quarter of the Star Wars figures, these are the old ones.

Too many Tie Fighter X1s and not enough X-wings.


The store front was decorated with most incredible
Ninja Turtles scene in history. My photos can't do 
it justice. I had the majority of these.

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