Monday, October 4, 2010

Chip Wars II

One of my earlier blog posts recognized some interesting variety in the world of snack package design. After my recent trip to chinatown in Cleveland I learned that the world of asian snack chips is a highly competitive market where potentially negative cultural stereotypes are valuable design elements, and the quality of your cartoon mascot can really make a difference in getting a product out there.

Those aren't chips.

By far the coolest design. They have a nice hand drawn thing going
on there. Combined with the colors this gives it a crafty feel while 
staying true to an asian random crazy style.

Syrup? Sweet n' sour sauce? Gravy? who knows.

I think that name translates into: "Exciting crab 
Those aren't crackers.

Nothing ends a hard days work in the fields like some 
nice, refreshing peanuts.

He's really surprised to see that kid on the right.

Cracklin' is  pieces of fried pork skin that have had the lard 
pressed out of them. They do not exist in vegetarian form.

There is absolutely no reason to put a cartoon on this, but
they did it at the last minute anyway.

Winner: Best name and most efficient use of cartoon mascot.

Everything cheese flavored in the entire store 
involves a sombrero. I suspect that mexico is a 
pretty disappointing place for asian tourists.

BBQ flavored garlic? Well, he clearly has no problem
with the ladies.


  1. Nice posts! I grew up eating those Shrimp Chips/Crackers, Pocky, and SkyFlakes!

  2. So what if Calbee doesn't subscribe to your pre-conceived notion of what a cracker or chip should be? You're, like, totally brainwashed.

  3. Bryce, as an american I am entitled — no, obligated to criticize other cultures by my pre-conceived notions of snack foods.