Monday, October 4, 2010

Dim sum

The second leg of the Cleveland adventure was to chinatown. We stopped at a couple of markets and some tourist shops, but the highlight of the trip was the dim sum restaurant. I have seen these restaurants where you order unrecognizable items from carts traveling from table to table on T.V. for years. I couldn't have been more pleased.

I know that I have added a lot of photos, but I left a lot out too. Many of the shots from the market demonstrate either really interesting or really poor package design.

I call these the creepy candy, read the label and you'll see why.

Durian. I have never seen them up close before. They are a very
 controversial fruit because they have such a strong odor that they
aren't allowed in many public places, but the flesh is reported to be
addicting once you have tried it. If I had my own place I would have 
had to try them.

I think that is supposed to read, "snake-'head'
fish fillet."



These are real squid. You can find graphic representations of these 
guys on every shelf of the store.

My favorite packaging in the store.
"Hello, Boss! I'm ready for work because
I'm all jacked up on caffeine!"

I have no idea what this stuff is and the only way to tell them apart is the  
little face, so I would go for the one on the right.

Brilliant marketing.

Powdered pork in a jar? Two kinds? I'll take it.

Second favorite design in the store.

Looks expensive.

I don't know if i want to feel that way.

If only they knew what's going on across the hall from the gift shop.

These made me feel kind of guilty for shopping in the gift shop.

Cheap wooden swords. Yes, I bought one for the grad studio. We need it.

Makes perfect sense.

Round one of dim sum, I was too occupied eating to record the 
following rounds. Yes, those are chicken feet, not what I expected.

"Take out only!"

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  1. hahaha...your commentary makes this post all the more better