Sunday, October 3, 2010


My Friend and classmate, Jason, who knows more about Cleveland than anybody else (that I have ever met), took me for a tour yesterday. This represents the first leg of the journey: the Westside Market, reported by some to be better than similar markets in New York. I have to say that visiting this market was not just the highlight of my time here at Kent but, as an amateur foodie, something that I have dreamed of for years and it was incredibly exciting. Walking through the market, sampling authentic ethnic foods, and knowing that I couldn't try everything in one day (and that I could eat there everyday) was the first time in my life that I really wanted to live in a city.

I took pictures of everything and I had to do some major culling to get it down to this few photos. It is something that really has to be experienced. There is something for everyone: vegetarian, entire animals, asian, italian, russian, greek, irish, german, and others that I couldn't recognize. There was even one guy selling gourmet style southern soul food (and getting a good price for it).

This is a photo of one of the famous statues on some 
well known bridge in cleveland. You should google it.

The market building is a hundred years old.

Pork skins. Awesome.

Beef tongue.

I really want to try roasted bone marrow.

There was about six feet of these things.