Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thesis Topics

I have decided to run my thesis research through this blog rather than have two separate ones. For those of you who have never had to consider writing a thesis it is a daunting and troublesome process (at least getting started is). Apparently Kent State is a Carnegie Level 1 research institution. I don't really know what that means, but I guess it's really good for people writing theses.

Our library is reportedly the tallest building in 
Portage County

A thesis is the documentation of an attempt at solving a problem through research and development. I am supposed to be coming up with possible thesis topics, but the trick is that it has to bear some meaning in the sort of work that I want to do. This research will factor heavily in being hired for a teaching position. So it cant be arbitrary. 

I have two ideas so far: how to prevent drive offs when fast food drive throughs take too long; and how to popularize the use of organic pork in small town southern BBQ (or, how to revolutionize  the modern pork industry). Obviously helping the fast food industry is evil, but I want to work in brand development for people with lots of money. Anyone who knows me knows that BBQ is a natural fit, but, as passionate as I am about it, I don't know if there is a career-long pursuit in that.

Unrelated to anything, here's this:

Ok, coach!

My stepdad built this from a kit. I really want one, but I doubt that I will
have much opportunity to ride when the snow starts falling.

What mystery illustrator created this piece when 
she was at Kent State? (Curtesy of Tom Mahon.)

Finally, some of you may have seen this website (don't click if you're offended by bad language) making the blog circuit this week. It was created on a lark by two of my classmates a few days ago and they already have like a million hits and thousands of follows and all that stuff. Pretty cool.


  1. hahaha sweet illustration. who could it be?

  2. oh and i totally love your ideas, i like how they're more than just graphic design

  3. That bike's awesome. If I had a motor maybe I wouldn't have to walk my bike up saluda st....