Saturday, September 11, 2010

Infirm... er

I have been under doctors orders not to leave my room because I am highly contagious. So another week has passed with no academic progress.

During my thirty minute wait at the drug store I noticed that there seem to be a lot of small snack food brands up here (maybe these brands are in South Carolina too, but I have never noticed). Some of the package designs are pretty interesting when you see them on the shelf next to the major brands which, I assume, have been scrutinized in every possible way to attract the consumer's eye. Many of these seem unchanged for decades, some are very simple, some employ custom fonts or too many fonts in general. I would be really interested in seeing how some of these packages were decided upon.

Not to be confused with Snyder's of Hanover.
They love their pretzels in Hanover 
Almost like delicious little funnel cake niblets.
The secret ingredient: meth.
I think I have seen this brand back home.
I count eight fonts. That's five more fonts 
than the leading competitor for the same price.
Not to be confused with Snyder's of
Hanover. Those Snyders love their pretzels
(chips, whatever).
Look at the half-tone, circa 1983.
Check out that ligature between the t and a, 
I do believe that that is a customized font.
Who could resist that face? This also 
reminds me of the time that Karchie
was still working on one of these big
bags of popcorn two weeks after it had
become stale and after I had alerted
him to the fact (true story).
They're ok.
Wow. That's not Cooper Std, but it sure 
looks like it. They seem to be going for
an art deco sort of thing. I have to admit 
that I sort of like it though. 
This is my favorite. Strong color scheme; 
efficient use of graphic elements; and that 
is the perfect name for a potato chip brand.
Plus, I have always hated having to pronounce 
that e in "cooked."
Finally, you know you're not in S.C. anymore when the drug store has
a liquor section. It should be noted however, that this particular drug 
store also sells lawnmower parts.


  1. This is such a good blog post. The complete lack of ambition in O.K. Potato Chips' name and identity kills me.

  2. Other options: "Not Bad Potato Chips;" "Pretty Good Potato Chips;" and, "At Least They're Cheap Potato Chips."

  3. or "potato chips…I guess"

    and that popcorn was delicious btw

  4. or "totally chips" or "crispy whats" or "totally whats"

    i think the caramel ditto's one looks pretty cool too, along with the last two. i'm loving your blog jason

  5. Dude, those crunchy cheese curls win, hands down.

  6. too funny! i'll bet there is bait and tackle in that store somewhere.

  7. all those chip slogans could also apply to Columbia

  8. I have always firmly believed that lawnmowers and booze go hand in hand.