Saturday, August 28, 2010

The First Couple of Days

I have been very busy. Besides the usual moving and "getting to know the campus" stuff, I have been finishing some work that I am doing for my friend Michael Cassidy's business, Cassidy Painting. It was a rush job; I completed the entire I.D. (logo, card, letterhead, envelope), a vehicle decal, a sign, mocked up some shirts and hats, AND I designed the website; all in five weeks. I have to say that I like the work and if I had another month I could have made it spectacular.

Next I have to take some lengthy online tests and read some books with no pictures to prepare for class (on Monday!).

Here are some samples of the work I've done for Mike. He does fine painting and is trying to attract clients who appreciate a detailed, quality job. Mike is a hard working, dedicated guy who does things the old fashioned way and I wanted that to come through in Cassidy Painting's branding.


Business Card


Vehicle Decal (Michael currently drives a black van.)

The Website Home

The Website Gallery (Still greeked in: the developer will handle that.)


  1. wow jason awesome blog! wish i knew about it sooner! the design of this is absolutely incredible man! you're going to kill it in grad school

  2. Thanks, Sam. I hope you're right.

  3. I don't think you needed any extra time to do this. It's all really amazing! Definitely a stellar portfolio piece.