Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Post About School Stuff

I am still thinking up thesis topics. Inspired by this video which is long, but highly recommended for all of my designer friends back home, and by my role as head of IT for so many of my family members; I am toying with the idea of researching how people in older generations learn new technology. With modern medical advancements the senior population is going to be the largest part of our society in the very near future.

I have been spending a lot more time working in the studio engaged in collaborative efforts with the other grad students. It feels like the space is adjusting to its use.

The result of a couple of days of brainstorming.

Our living room (where I spend all of my time) was generously donated
by one of the other students.
One entire wall of the studio is made of yellowish, translucent fiberglass. 
This is what it looks like early in the morning when the sun is coming 
through the trees.

Also, if you're wondering what caliber of work they are doing here at Kent State just check out Jason Bacher's digital portfolio. He is one of the grad students who has risen from Kent's undergrad program and a fellow bad ass.


  1. i watched a really scary documentary on corn and they said that our generation is the firs in american history that has a lower life expectancy than our parents. So we probably don't have to worry about old people in the future

  2. good to know, sam. bring on the cigarettes and cheeseburgers, i got nothing to lose.

  3. Wow...the studio is AWESOME!! Glad to see things are going well with the other students.

    And Jason again.

  4. Yeah, dude, It's a whole other ball game up here. The undergrads have two computer labs with glass walls filled with 27" iMacs. There are classes about design history, two reviews to survive, and every student takes an average of two to three design studio classes a semester.