Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mike's Place...

A restaurant so insane that it deserves its own blog entry.

Last weekend several of the grad students went on a kayaking trip (pictures arriving at a later date). Afterward we went out to eat and words cannot describe the experience so photos will have to do.

Yes, in that scene with an old barn there is a tiny head
banger, dragon, bus, WWII fighter, and X-wing.
Yes, there are two hundred items on that menu
bridging all cultural, geographic, and ethnic barriers.
Yes, that is a mannequin dressed as Elvis standing by R2D2.
Yes, that is a soap box car.

Yes, that is a poorly rendered 4/5 scale replica of an X-wing.


  1. oh wow....hahahaha. How did you ever order anything from such a beautifully laid-out menu. It's soooo organized.

  2. All you need to know is they sell a 64 oz. cheeseburger called the challenge.