Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Waves

My friend and fellow USC alumni, Bryce Wilner, whose brilliance is greatly to be envied, made a book of illustrations inspired by his grandparent's beach house. I don't study much art and design, so for me to say that I have never seen anything like it isn't very profound. It's true, none the less.

Bryce wields geometry with a surprising expertise in his creation of these images in which perspective and saturation pull the viewer back and forth between the familiar and the abstract. The emotive subject matter of the work yields itself well to this abstraction. The intense sunlight can be interpreted as the warmth of the memories of the place and family gatherings, and, despite the crisp edges and planar surfaces, the furniture feels occupied and has an almost human quality.

Those are just my impressions, here are some samples from the book (sorry they aren't higher quality):


  1. still waiting for mine! sheeeesh man! even making the envelopes? bryce is on the next level

  2. thank you for the shout out, jason. your words are greatly appreciated.

  3. Sam, your new books are next on my list.

    Bryce, you deserve it.