Monday, October 25, 2010

Catch-All Post of Wonderment

It's 3 a.m.. I'm tired. I should be asleep, but I'm not. I'm here delivering a blog post to you, because you deserve a blog post.

It's been another week of food adventures and wandering around Ohio. Brothers Pizza in Warren has the best pizza and subs in the world. That's all you need to know.

I have been trying to find a snow shovel for a while now and making a fool of myself with every attempt. Both times I have asked about it I was laughed at and asked, "Do you know something we don't?" No, I'm just a southerner with an irrational fear of frozen precipitation. Fortunately the customer is still always right (sometimes) at Walmart and a guy was ordered under protest to retrieve one for me from top stock. I also got the heavy duty, 3 foot ice scraper and a 35 lb. bucket of kitty litter. Now all I have to do is avoid wrecking my truck once I have excavated it from the glacier.

Three of my classmates and I have decided to get a place for next semester. After getting really excited about repurposing an industrial space downtown and being deflated upon discovering that they actually have laws to prevent college students from doing just that, we have settled on a house about a block north of campus. We are going to do quite a bit of refinishing on the house ourselves and this project promises to be the blog fodder mother-load. More on that once we sign a lease.

Yes, that is an actual burrito. Yes, that is an actual human head.

This fan in Walmart was ten to twelve feet in diameter. I have never seen one.

The new common computer work station in the grad studio. If we can just find a
couple more lamps it will be perfect.

This was taken on 10/11/10. I stopped and stared in bewilderment for
quite a while wondering if it had snowed the night before or if perhaps
this was just left over from last year. I found out later that its from the
ice arena.

Highlight of the week! Goupil brought back legit soul food from
Cleveland. We have ribs, fried chicken (smothered in bbq sauce),
macaroni and cheese, baked beans, greens, candied yams, and ox
tails and rice (never had it before, but it was the best part of the meal).

Helped Bacher stain his parent's deck and saw this beauty hanging
in the garage. Incase you don't know its a vintage Schwinn Stingray
and it's worth quite a lot of money.


  1. I think it is hilarious you've already gotten all that stuff for the snow. A shovel and ice scraper would've helped me the time I was late for work in chicago cause my car was buried under 5 feet of snow and all i had to shovel with was a cd case.

  2. Man, I should've given you my snow shovel. I had to have one for a prop years ago. But I actually got to use it last year during SnowBlizzard '10 - I was pretty excited.

  3. i'm comforted by the fact that, although you're enrolled in an intensive design program in a new state, barbecue is still the highlight of your week.

  4. Boogie, I also have several CD cases in my truck, so I am covered.

    Ryon, considering that you likely own the only snow shovel in South Carolina, I would be hesitant to deprive y'all of it.

    BW (it's a great nickname, as those are also your brother's initials), food is the highlight of my everything.